Art Exhibit & Classic Car Show Tour 

pictured: Dynamite Museum Street Sign Art

Dynamite Museum Coloring Book Collection Classic Car Show Tour and Art Exhibit


Amarillo, TX - May 2024 - Clinton.Press is thrilled to announce its upcoming Dynamite Museum classic car show tour and traveling art exhibit, set to ignite along the iconic Route 66, Katy Trail, and Great River Road. The author's latest art/coffee table/flip book, the Dynamite Museum Coloring Book, honors the Dynamite Museum.  The Dynamite Museum is not an actual museum; it's an art collective that created the largest outdoor art display in the world and located primarily in the Texas Panhandle city of Amarillo.  Discarded road signs were re-purposed by a group of street artists circa 1990s to display humorous or thought-provoking messages and art all over the city, mostly in residential yards. 

The collective is not without controversy; Stanley Marsh 3, the primary patron of the project, was indicted on sexual abuse charges shortly before his death in 2014. A member of the Dynamite Museum art collective, Brian Deneke, was murdered in 1997 in a gruesome affair captured in the film Bomb City. Nonetheless, this unprecedented event will celebrate Amarillo's outdoor art scene by paying tribute to the Dynamite Museum artists and their work.


The art display will feature photographs and 3D prints of the Dynamite Museum signs as well as original works by the artist. Photographs will be specifically of signs on or near Route 66.  In Amarillo, there are two Route 66 routes. One is known as Historic Route 66 and hosts an eclectic mix of bars, galleries, shops, and restaurants on 6th street. Due to traffic congestion through downtown, a second route 66 was established mid-century; the Route 66 Bypass runs primarily along Amarillo Boulevard.  Pearl the Wonder Dog is a great example of the Dynamite Museum art located on the bypass at the southeast corner of Hughes and W Amarillo Boulevard.  There are also Dynamite Museum signs on historic U.S. Route 66 in Amarillo and Adrian, Texas.


The classic car show tour, featuring Pearl the Wonder Car, a 1973 AMC Javelin, will be the official launch of the Dynamite Museum Coloring Book, an art/coffee table/flip book that has received rave responses pre-launch for the witty humor and eye-catching graphics.  The Dynamite Museum is a perfect gift for yourself, humor fans, coloring book fans, and gives history and art lovers a fresh perspective on the iconic landmark artwork.  The Dynamite Museum truly is one of the hidden gems that define the Route 66 experience.  The art exhibit in the spirit of the Dynamite Museum titled Analog Lil Dogies is currently being installed in various cities along the tour route.